Chiropractic Services

Here are only a few of the many services that can offer you if you are in pain and live in the greater area.

Please do not hesitate to call us or visit our practice if you require help with an injury or some form of pain management that is not listed here.

There are many alternatives to pain management. Give Dr. Lerrner a call today for more information!



Acupuncture is a medical art that treats both pain and dysfunction in the body by utilizing the bodies’ own energy pathways, known as meridians. The wellspring of acupuncture as a medical science dates back somewhere between 5000 and 7000 years. more

Carpal Tunnel

Place hands like you are praying palm to palm. The exercise or stretch is created by pushing the heels of your hands down below or between your elbows. Hold this position for five seconds or a count of five one thousand. more

Spinal Decompression

Our spine has a series of cushions that sit between the vertebra known as intravertebral (between the vertebra) discs. The disc is made up of two parts, the annulus fibrosis which forms the outer part of the disc and the nucleus pulposus which is the center of the disc. The annulus fibrosis is made of many fibers forming concentric rings. It is very thick and generally very durable. They are designed to be extremely difficult to tear. The nucleus pulposus is a jelly like material, which affords the disc its cushioning capability. more