Wei Labs Consulting

In 2002, I started consulting for Wei Laboratories. They are an American manufacturer of Chinese herbal remedies. All of their products are grown and manufactured in California according to the highest standards, which make them safe and reliable. It is for this reason, that I have been involved with them since their inception. With the advent of telemedicine, I have been able to help individuals using Wei Lab products all across this country who suffer a broad spectrum of ailments. Over time, I have helped hundreds of patients with serious respiratory diseases such as COPD, IPF, and Bronchiectasis, kidney disease, heart failure, fungal infections, and auto-immune disorders to name a few.


Patients fill out a medical history form that is reviewed by a Wei Labs herbalist, then the history and subsequent treatment recommendations are shared with me. I, in turn, will contact you with my recommendations for how to treat your problems. This process is all conducted at no cost to you. If you decide to proceed, then based on my script, you buy your herbs directly from Wei Labs. I am available by phone to discuss your progress and answer any questions you may have.